Abbas’ deputy tells America: “We don’t want your flour, your wheat, or your aid”

by Leah Rosenberg

Mahmoud Abbas’ deputy is clearly anti-America and anti-Trump. So is Mahmoud Abbas himself. They all claim to not want the help of America, but then what?

The PA, Trump, and America

Fatah Deputy Chairman and Fatah Central Committee member Mahmoud Al-Aloul said that the “Palestinian” Authority does not feel that the U.S. is “fit to be a sponsor of peace.”

That is humorous! The PA does not even want peace! They constantly incite violence and call for the destruction of the Jewish state. So of course they are going to be against America and against Trump.

Trump and Netanyahu are friends, so it makes sense that they have an alliance. But Abbas’ deputy is upset at America and Trump for forming an alliance with PM Netanyahu. The United States and Israel are strong allies. They both want to create peace in the Middle East, but that can’t happen if the “Palestinian” Authority doesn’t change its ways.

The PA Doesn’t want Trump’s Help

Apparently, Abbas and his followers don’t want America’s help. Abbas’ deputy said, “We don’t want your flour, your wheat, or your aid.”

The way Abbas and other members of the “Palestinian” Authority talk about American politicians shows that they don’t deserve any foreign aid from the United States. Abbas even cursed David Friedman, the ambassador from the U.S. to Israel, and called him a “son of a dog.” Is it really America who is not “fit to be a sponsor of peace?” The PA is showing its true colors. They themselves are not fit for peace. And everything they say and do proves that.

If only the world would just stop turning the other way and ignoring the PA. Maybe then there would be peace.

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