A Tribute to One of the Greatest Passover Films of All Time

by Phil Schneider

Prince of Egypt is the modern-day educational video that has taught millions the story of G-d’s deliverance of the Jewish people from bondage in Egypt to freedom to serve Him in the Promised Land. It is indeed THE greatest story in the history of the world – a litany of miracles that has served as the best proof of all of the existence and involvement of G-d in this world.

For people who are 40 and above, the movie they proably saw was “The Ten Commandments” at some point in their childhood. Charlton Heston as Moses, starred in this epic movie that featured unbelievable scenes such as the giving of the Torah at Mt Sinai, the Splitting of the Sea, and the Ten Plagues in Egypt.

Although the movie had some questionable additions that may confuse, it indeed was a work of art that taught millions of the miracles that occurred more than three millenia ago.

Every year, in the springtime, Jews all over the world sit down with their families and pass on the tradition of God’s revelation to the Jewish people in Egypt via the miracle of His deliverance of His chosen people from Egyptian bondage. There is food, song, and enjoyment. But the key is the story itself, a timeless message of G-d’s involvement in this world and His leadership of the world via His Chosen People.

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