A Simple Piece of Jewish Wisdom that Everyone Needs to Hear

by Leah Rosenberg

This piece of Jewish wisdom can change your life. If truly implemented, a huge weight will be lifted from your shoulders.

Jewish Wisdom for the World

Jewish wisdom is not just for those who are Jewish. Advice like this is for the entire world.

Forgiveness. It is a simple word, yet a complex idea. It is hard to forgive others. And it may even be harder to forgive ourselves. But Judaism teaches about the importance of forgiving. G-d forgives us as humans, and He is the Omnipotent One. He is G-d. So who are we to not forgive other humans? And if G-d forgives each of us if we truly seek forgiveness, then we must forgive ourselves as well.

Everyone makes mistakes. We cannot dwell on the past. We can only look toward the future and try to better ourselves. G-d did not intend for humans to be perfect. Every person in the world has shortcomings. Everyone fails. The question is what we do with those failures. The question is what we do after a mistake. And the question is how we treat others who have made a mistake but seek our forgiveness. It is a huge burden to carry anger and resentment. It is stifling. Life is not better when we hold onto grudges.

If we want G-d to have compassion on us, we must have compassion on others as well. It is not easy, but it is most definitely worth it. Try it and you’ll see. Let go. You’ll be able to fly.

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