A refugee’s powerful message to Ilhan Omar

by Leah Rosenberg

Ilhan Omar acts as if she cares about those who are suffering. But this refugee just showed the world why she is nothing but a virulent antisemite.

Ilhan Omar’s Obsession with Israel

Ilhan Omar focuses so much on the Middle East conflict. She paints herself as a defender of human rights who will speak out against the evils of the world. The problem is, she is lying. The Palestinian Arabs are not treated badly by Israel. In fact, Israel treats them quite well given the tense circumstances. But Omar does not care. She will still criticize Israel for no reason other than the fact that she is an antisemite.

What About the Somalis?

Congresswoman Omar is from Somalia. That makes her a Somali-American politician. Wouldn’t it make sense for her to do everything in her power to help her people who are suffering in Africa? Listen to the facts in this video. See the disturbing footage of starving and sick men, women, and children in Somalia. It is heartbreaking. But apparently, Omar does not think it is tragic enough to focus on it. She would rather focus on Israel – the one democracy in the Middle East. She would rather spend her time spreading lies about the Jewish state than actually helping those who need her help the most.

Ilhan Omar has neglected her own people. That is the sad truth.

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