A Pakistani Muslim’s shocking message to the American people

by Leah Rosenberg

Anila Ali is a Pakistani Muslim at the forefront of the fight against Radical Islam.  She is a woman, and yes, she is a Muslim.  She is also 100% against all of the Radical Islamic hatred within the Muslim community.  That sets her apart from many others.

Her values are against the narratives that have become common in many Mosques today.  She is a brave woman.  All she wants is for the Muslim community to be a normal progressive and open-minded community.

Her opinion is that there are many cultural and religious values that bind different cultures and religions together.  She represents all that is positive in the Western society wherein she lives.

Radical vs. Open-Minded

In the United States, there is a deep history of people who leave their past behind when they reach the shores of America.

America is a very capitalistic society and not a deeply religious one.  The founding fathers hoped that people’s passions would not be religious but commercial. Is it possible for the more devout Muslim people who immigrate to America to adopt less religious and more open-minded ideas?  Yes.

But I doubt they will become the majority.  It is much easier to be connected to foreign cultures today from within America.  You can live the American lifestyle, yet stay connected to spiritual norms in the East.

This is dangerous.  Will the moderate voices win out or the radical voices?  Time will tell.  But she gets an A for effort.

Arab Incitement
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