A Muslim anti-Semite looked closer at Islam, and that changed everything

by Phil Schneider

Born and raised in London, Ed Husain, a Muslim, hated Israel. He believed that the Jews stole Arab land. He now continues to be a Muslim, but he does not hate Israel nor the Jewish people.

The turning point

Once Ed saw Jews in Northern London with a few Arab friends. One of the Arab friends screamed out, “Jews, Go back to Israel.” He immediately realized that there is something very inconsistent between an attitude that says that Jews stole Arab land and the attitude that leads one to scream out, “Jews, Go back to Israel.”

Should Muslims hate Jews?

Do Jews indeed have a claim to Jerusalem?  Well, Jerusalem is mentioned thousands of times in the Bible?  Do the Arabs have a claim on Jerusalem?  Ed Husain argues that it is a weak claim at best.

There exists a significant minority of Muslims who are willing to face the truth and accept that perhaps all of what they have been taught about Israel is plain false. There is actually much in common between Muslims and Jews.  Both faiths are monotheistic.  Ed Husain argues that we both believe in prophets and in many values that do not include killing each other.

This is a breath of fresh air to watch.


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