A Jewish ‘double date’ goes horribly wrong and it’s hilarious

by Phil Schneider

Get ready to cringe, and to enjoy… This double date scene is from a very non-kosher production called Yid-Life crisis. It is the most Jewish and non-Jewish show that has ever been produced.

Mayim Bialik

Now this is something you don’t see every day… Mayim Bialik is the actress who clearly knows how to handle herself, and fits right into the web series “Yidlife Crisis” in this thoroughly entertaining episode of a blind date that takes an unusual turn. Jamie and Eli are seriously talented and are refreshing new faces online. This is not Kosher, yet it is very humorous. Sit back and enjoy.


Jews lived in Eastern Europe for around 7-8 centuries. But, during World War II, life came to an abrupt end for more than 90% of the Jewish population. Most of the Jews were killed in the Holocaust – more than 6 million in total. But the remainder nearly all immigrated as refugees in the years following the end of the War. Yiddish was the dominant language for many of the Eastern European Jews. But as they immigrated, the language was partially forgotten. But, today, there has been a revival from several angles of this unique language. It is close to German, but not the same. The Hasidic communities in Israel, America, and elsewhere still stick to Yiddish. And also, there has been somewhat of a revival of interest among the next generation to not let the language disappear. Hearing Mayim Bialik speak the language is definitely a joy to alot of Bubbys (Grandmothers.)

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