A group of Jews from all over the world just made the best music video EVER about Israel

by Chaya Cikk

Jews from all over the world gather together in Israel and make the best music video ever! Such a great song, love the tune, love the words, love it all.


Birthright is an amazing organization that helps young Jews from across the globe to come and visit Israel. They spend an amazing ten days traveling all over Israel from the north to the south. Seeing all the wonderful places Israel has to offer.

Their goal is to have these young adults make a connection with the land of Israel. They hope these connections making a lasting impact. With the intention that after returning home they then help spread the love that they have for Israel to friends and family and others in their community.

Finally, after the trip we hope the participants now yearn to be back in Israel. “My father wishes upon a well, that we all meet in Israel”

Jews from all over the World

Israel is a place where Jews from all over the world gather. They come to see their history and the roots of their nation. Some even come for the warm weather and the beaches.

The Jewish People have a close connection to the land of Israel and have always felt at home here. Many come to visit from all over the world to reconnect with these roots. As a result, all Jews feel they belong in Israel, a place we call home.

Additionally, Jews are like a family, no matter where we are in the world. We connect with each other and one of the main topics is Israel. Even though we may not always physically be in Israel we will never be apart. The spiritual connection will always be there.

We belong in Israel after all, this is our home! “we will never be apart”

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