A group of Jews and Arabs are cleaning the hate

by Leah Rosenberg

This new initiative, Cleaning the Hate, can really make a difference. You can see what it did for just a small group of people. Imagine if everyone joined!

Cleaning the Hate

Cleaning the Hate is an initiative by the organization “The Home.” From this short video, it is clear that it made an impact on Jews and Arabs alike. They both want to live in a clean land. And they both want to live in peace. So what better way to do that than by cleaning the land together? The land of Israel is a beautiful place. But sometimes, garbage – in the literal and not literal sense – makes the land dirty. If we only just take time to clean things up, the land would look different…

It is really touching to see that something like this can exist. They are trying to plant love instead of hate. And even if it only worked for that small group of people, it worked. That means that there is potential for it to work for even more people.

Can the Future be Different?

It is moments like these that really give hope for a better future. Not all Palestinian Arabs are terrorists. But the problem is that the terrorists are making more noise. They are destroying everything that can be good. So more of these Palestinian Arabs need to speak up and educate their children the right way. Maybe “cleaning the hate” can really come into fruition. With a lot of prayer and good deeds, and with God’s help, the future of Israel will be filled with peace.

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