8 year old girl stuns judges at Israel’s Got Talent

by Michael Sax

This girl just knocked the judges off their feet! Israel’s Got Talent has never seen anyone like her before.

Israel’s Got Talent has never seen thing like this before

Did you know? The popular Israel’s Got Talent is a TV reality show, similar to the show “America’s Got Talent”. These are based on the format of the British TV show.

Got Talent

In this skills-based reality TV show, performers go on stage for the chance to win one million dollars. This is payable for 40 years. They also win the opportunity to star in Las Vegas. However, most noteworthy is the fact that it allows new performers to gain publicity and gain a reputation.

To be on stage – USA edition

First, producers hold auditions in different places in the USA. This is held many months before the judges audition. The performers go in front of the producers. The contestants may, for example, sing, dance, do magic tricks, a comedy routine, or other act. If a judge disapproves of an act, he can give it an “x”. Once a contestant get a certain amount of x’s, they must leave the stage. However, if the contestant gets three “yes” votes, they advance to the next stage.


In the United States, ratings have been quite high. As of this time ratings for the Israeli edition are not known. In America’s Got Talent, ratings averaged at about 11 million viewers. The highest rated season was season 4. The most watched episode was the finale of season 5. That episode had 16 million viewers.

Many former contestants have sold albums. A fair amount of contestants have also appeared on other reality TV shows. Clearly, the show is quite popular. Perhaps that explains its appeal and why it has been replicated around the world. It seems like a lot of people have skills, or want to watch other people display their skills.

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