The truth about Zionism

by Michael Sax

What is a Zionist?

The word “Zionist” has been hijacked from its real meaning. Some people say it means oppressors. Others say it means colonialists. Yet there are also people with the wild idea that a Zionist doesn’t want peace. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Theodore Herzl – Zionist aspirations

So what is Zionism? Let’s go back a few years. The Jewish people lived in the promised land until many of them were dispersed. For two thousand year they were in exile, but never lost hope of returning to Israel. That hope is called Zionism. That is, that the Jewish people should have a homeland in Israel. Much like other nations, the Jewish nation, which has been around for thousands of years, strives to return to its land. Note that this just means Jews returning to Israel. It does NOT mean, as the anti-semites claim, that Jews believe in oppression. It does not contradict making peace. In fact, the State of Israel has already made peace with two other Arab nations.

Zionist and Peace Treaties

These terms don’t contradict. Israel signed a peace treaty with Egypt in 1979. That’s right, Zionists made peace with Egypt. So the term Zionism goes very well with peace. And in fact, as part of that, Israel withdrew from the Sinai peninsula and gave it to Egypt. As result, Israel gave up land for peace. Despite these facts, anti-Semites still claim Zionists don’t want peace and are colonialists. So then why did Israel give land and make peace?!??

Furthermore, in 1994, Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty with Jordan. Once again, Israel made peace between the “Zionist” state of Israel and neighboring Arabs. Jordan was country that attacked Israel many times. Yet Israel made peace. Rather than look at historical facts, anti-semites cling to fiction and perpetuate the crazy lie that a Zionist is an oppressor and does not want peace.

Zionism and Judaism

Yet there is another perspective of Zionism, and that is according to ancient Jewish tradition, one who is a Zionist is one who yearns for Zion, that is, the spiritual holy aspects of Jerusalem and Israel. Israel the the Holy Land, and Jews are the people of the book. So it makes sense that Jews want to live in Israel.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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