2,000 Year Old Gem Found Holds a Secret about the Biblical Incense for the Temple

by Leah Rosenberg

A 2,000 year old image of the plant that was used for Biblical incense in the Temple? The ancient, Biblical persimmon? Take a look at this!

What was in the Biblical Incense?

It doesn’t get cooler than this. This ancient, 2,000 year old gem that was discovered in Jerusalem holds a secret about the ancient persimmon that was used in the Biblical incense.

There are so many unbelievable things about this discovery. It gives us insight into the Biblical persimmon that is actually being grown today in one place in Israel. It also is mind-blowing to think about the fact that this seal is 2,000 years old. It survived for thousands of years to tell us something today. How beautiful is this gem?

G-d wanted these archaeological artifacts to survive throughout the centuries. He wanted these objects to be discovered once again. It is insane that much of the world still ignores the truth about Israel and the Jewish people despite all the evidence! The Jewish people clearly belong in Israel and were here before Islam ever existed.

And the fact that this ancient persimmon is also used for healing purposes is fascinating. The Biblical fruit is helping in modern times! The connection between the past, present, and future is so clear in Israel. The Jewish homeland is the center of everything.

Once again, a discovery has proven Jewish history and the Bible. Once again, the connection between the land of Israel and the people of Israel is apparent. It is time that the world started accepting the truth.

Col. Kemp

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