You Won’t Believe What You Can Still See From Temple Times

by Leah Rosenberg

In Temple times, the Levites used to help people get into the right mindset before serving G-d in the Temple. Where and what did they do?

The Levites’ Stairs and Songs During Temple Times

This is truly a beautiful concept. The Levites had a job to help people serve G-d in the right way. What is so amazing is that they used song to do this. Music played a big role in the Beit Hamikdash, in the Temple. During Temple times, Levites would sing and play instruments. It shows you how powerful music can be if used in the right way. Music has the ability to connect people to G-d. It has the potential to be a truly holy thing in this world.

And how amazing is it that you can still see the spot where the Levites sang during the Temple times? History in Israel is not just history. It is something that the Jewish people live with everyday. It is something that is part of their lives. They can see it and touch it. History in Israel is something tangible. It is real.

The world claims that the Temple Mount doesn’t belong to the Jews. How dare they? We are living with our history every single day. The dirt and stones speak for themselves. The Palestinian Arabs have no such claims. They built ON TOP of where the Jewish Temple once stood. They try to remove the archaeology and destroy Jewish history.

But the Jewish people will definitely not let them.

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