You Won’t Believe What Cartoons “Palestinian” Children Are Watching

by Leah Rosenberg

“Palestinian” children are brainwashed to hate and murder. These are not innocent TV shows. The culture of hate is sickening!

“Palestinian” Children Will Grow Up to be Murderers Like This

From a young age, “Palestinian” children are taught to hate. They are brainwashed and flooded with messages about killing Jews. Even when they are only a few years old, they are taught about guns and murder. They are taught that it is good to violently murder innocent Jews. It’s truly a disturbing culture.

These kids don’t go to regular summer camps. They go to summer camps and train to become Jihadists. They are trained to murder Jews. How much clearer can it be that this is evil and immoral? Anyone should be able to admit that. For those who side with this culture of hate and death, those people are guilty as well.

What kind of culture and people would do that to its children? Children are supposed to have a childhood – to play, grow, love, and be loved. They are supposed to laugh and be innocent. But that is not the case in the “Palestinian” Arab world. And it’s the sad reality that so many won’t admit.

If you compare this cartoon to what Israeli children watch, you will be shocked at the difference. Israeli children watch TV shows that teach them values and good things. They watch shows about kid stuff – not about hatred. Israeli children go to camps to play, learn, and grow – not to train to murder others. The difference of the two cultures is very, very clear.

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