You won’t believe the hijab lawsuit NYC just settled at the taxpayers expense

by Avi Abelow

The city of New York is spending $180,000 to settle a lawsuit with three Muslim women. Upon arrest, three Muslim women refused to remove their hijab for police bookings photos.

In this video John Cardillo of speaks about New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio settling this six-figure lawsuit.

The Lawsuit

In 2012, one of the Muslim women got into a scuffle with another woman. In the Police station, she did not want to remove her hijab in front of the men police officers. The police accommodated her and brought her into a room with a female police officer to photograph her without the hijab. However, when she was brought to the central booking station of Brooklyn, they made her take off her hijab for the mugshot.

Serious Implications

This settlement has serious implications. This is a public safety issue. A criminal justice issue. Not removing a hijab in a mugshot could be a counter-terror identification issue. Not necessary for the women in this lawsuit, but for other arrested criminals who use a religious claim to NOT remove a head item that hides part of their face.

For the good of public safety, anyone the police needs to take a mugshot of should have to remove their head coverings. Not just Muslims, but also Christians, Jews, Sikhs and everyone. There are certain times when everyone has to comply and remove head coverings, for the public good.

Taxpayers shouldn’t be required to foot a $180,000 bill because of a politically correct City Mayor!

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