Yosef Hadad, An Israeli Arab Bringing People Together

by Phil Schneider

Is Yosef Hadad for real? Absolutely. The message that he spreads is one of a proud Arab who lives in Israel, serves in the Israeli Army and supports the State of Israel. He is a one-man stereotype breaker. So many people mistakenly believe that Arabs in Israel do not support Israel. True, most do not, and probably even support the weakening of the State of Israel. But, a growing minority, that Hadad speaks out for actually is very supportive and understand well how good they have it in Israel.

Hadad introduces himself as an Israeli Arab who grew up in Nazareth, a Christian Arab, who played a lot of soccer with Jews and Arabs. When he was eighteen years old, despite being exempt from serving in the Army of the State of Israel, he decided to serve along with his Jewish friends. As he put it, it’s not the “Jewish Defence Force,” but the “Israel Defence Forces,” and he is an Israeli! He lost many Arab friends when he served in the Golani Unit.

Hadad speaks about his double identity with pride. He is an Arab and he is an Israeli. But really, he has a triple identity. He is a Christian. He served in one of the most dangerous places in Lebanon in the 2nd Lebanon War. There, he was seriously wounded, but somehow survived and recovered following a year and a half of rehabilitation. His life was saved by his fellow Israeli soldiers.

He now devotes his life to supporting the State of Israel, and he tells everyone about his story and the story of the State of Israel. He is the real thing and an excellent spokesmen of the State of Israel.

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