Will Putin Declare Official War In The Ukraine After Heavy Losses?

by Micha Gefen

News of the lightening offensive against Russian forces in the Kharkiv area of Ukraine by Ukrainian forces has spread around the world. The Russian retreat was so complete that Ukraine reclaimed 3000 square kilometers of territory from Russia and now stands 40km from the Russian border. So what will happen next?

Contrary to popular belief, Russia has never declared war on the Ukraine. Putin has only called this a limited military operation in order to defend the self declared independent provinces in the Donbass region of the Ukraine.

What many fear now, is that Putin may in fact declare this a war and put the full might of the Russian army against Ukraine. By doing so Putin could literally level cities and turn this into a civilian catastrophe far more than it already is.

While Russia has waged a brutal offensive in Ukraine, most of the forces fighting have been mercenaries and standard soldiers. Attacks from the air have been focused far more military infrastructure and dealing weapons streaming in from the west.Only recently has the Russian government put far more deadly troops into combat. A declaration of war would change the dynamics and see the real might of the Russian army used.

Given the current unity in the BRICS nations is still holding up, Russia sees this as an opportunity implement a far wider war objective without concern of a second front.

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