Why Major Sports Networks are Talking About this Jewish College Basketball Team

by Leah Rosenberg

Jewish college basketball does not usually make the headlines. But for Yeshiva University, that has changed. Everyone’s talking about them.

Jewish College Basketball Team on 50 Game Winning Streak

Since CNBC reported this, the Yeshiva University Maccabees, a Jewish college basketball team, have now continued on to a 50 game winning streak. This is the type of story that is turning the heads of everyone. NBA scouts, ESPN, and others are interested in the men’s Jewish team playing in the middle of Manhattan. The Maccabees do not usually get this much attention. But how can people not be interested when the team, thank G-d, has not been losing?

They are breaking records, and it is unbelievable to see. Yeshiva University, or YU, is not a massive college. And yet, they are giving themselves a massive name. A positive name. They don’t usually get attention in the sports headlines, but now that has changed.

And what is more unbelievable is how they respect each other and connect. Their stories and backgrounds are different. Although they are not all religious, the team does not play on Shabbat, being that Yeshiva University is an Orthodox Jewish institution. Hearing some of the star players putting G-d and their Judaism first is unique. One player wants to become the first Orthodox Jewish player in the NBA!

Seeing such talent is inspiring. And then seeing how they are representing a Jewish college is even more inspiring. These boys know that they are representing something more than just basketball.

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