Why Democrats Are Really Avoiding President Biden

by Leah Rosenberg

Biden is a losing brand that is in the midst of bringing down the Democrat Party’s hold on Congress. Any Democrat who values his or her seat in Congress is consciously trying to avoid being associated with Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. They are the most unpopular brand names in politics today. Not all Republican candidates want to be associated with Donald Trump either. But many do, such as Marco Rubio, and the smart candidates are focusing on policy issues without using the Trump brand which still puts off some of the more centrist voters.

One of the most probable outcomes of the 2022 mid-term elections is that Donald Trump will begin his “Do you want me back” tour that will precede his return to the stage for the 2024 election. When he sees that the swing states have swung back to the Republican direction, he will not be able to hold in his aspirations to run the United States for another four years.

The divisiveness in the USA today is actually very sad. The presidencies of Barack Obama and Donald Trump were years that the limits of Presidential power were seriously tested. The checks and balances of the American political system were strained. One can argue that the system proved resilient. Obama’s radical policies on health care were ruled by the Supreme Court as legal, but deemed a tax. Donald Trump’s non-acceptance of the results of the 2020 election, whether justified or not, and the ensuing riot at the Capitol, were clearly a major test. I would argue that the events of Jan. 6th actually showed the strength of the American political system. There was no actual concern of an overthrow, despite the chaotic events of that fateful day.

But one could argue convincingly that today’s situation wherein the President, according to anybody who has seen him past 5 PM, is struggling on a cognitive level, is probably the most problematic situation that America has had in nearly a century. In the waning months of World War II, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a sickly man who had recently been reelected. He did not have much of a chance of lasting his entire term, but did a masterful job of hiding this from the country. The Cold War was actually in formation already, before the end of World War II, and Roosevelt was running the policy while barely able to function physically. But, his mind was clear. It was the rest of his body that was struggling. He was able to meet Stalin and Churchill and to decide on policy in accordance with the interests of the United States. Then he passed away and Truman took the reins.

Today, Joe Biden is not making the decisions. He is the puppet of Barack Obama and Obama’s advisors who are in his cabinet. He’s just the old friendly face that is masking the radical policies that Obama is implementing without serving in office. Historians will look at this time as one of tremendous danger, when Russia and China became aggressive while the United States was half asleep. The midterm elections are the wake-up call. But much more than that is needed. We need to wake up.

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