White South Africans are being beaten and murdered, and the world is silent

by Leah Rosenberg

Did you know that White South Africans are being attacked? Robbed? Raped? Murdered? People once seemed to know, and then everyone forgot.

White South Africans

White South Africans and white South African farmers have been persecuted for a while now. They are forced to fear for their lives. It was getting news coverage a bit at one point, and politicians promised a change would come. But things are only getting worse.

Most stories do not even make the mainstream news. But this one did. This probably is going under the radar as it is not high up on the level of political correctness.

Young Couple Murdered

It is almost too horrific to listen to this story. A young couple was murdered in cold blood as they waited for someone to come and help refill their car with gas on the side of the road. They were killed just because they were white. The two employees sitting in the back saw the whole thing. They were brutally beaten before running for their lives. But their lives will never be the same.

How much longer will such horrific crimes go on for? When will the world actually get up and do something? For some reason, when it is crimes against white people, there aren’t as many protests. There aren’t people standing in the streets pleading for the White South African refugees to be brought into their country. And that is the sad truth.

First Fruits
Blood Libel
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