When Israeli children are forced to deal with tragedy, this is how they respond

by Leah Rosenberg

A small letter to a wounded soldier can impact so much on a soldier.  But when this class of Israeli children all produced more than a letter but a video prayer, they broke down this soldier.  The process that a wounded soldier has to go through is long and difficult.  These boys did a great deed and certainly left an indelible mark on his soul.  

Who do Israeli soldiers fight for?

Israeli soldiers do not merely guard the Land of Israel.  They represent the entire Jewish people and they defend the Jewish people.  This is not just opinion.  It is a historical fact.

Right after 1948, when David Ben-Gurion declared the State of Israel, the State of Israel opened it’s gates to all Jewish immigrants across the world.  But Israel did not just open it’s gates, it helped people get to them.

Sephardic Jews

Sephardic Jews hail from Middle Eastern countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, and Yemen.  They came in droves.  More than a million came in less than 3 year.  But many needed help and were in danger.  Israel was a young and poor country.  But it still sent people to these countries to help smuggle out as many people as possible.  This happened in tens of countries around the world.

The “Breicha”

But the most important instance where the Israeli government actively saved thousands of Jews was in Europe.  After the Holocaust, there were still a few hundred thousand Jewish refugees in Europe.  Nobody wanted them en-masse.  Israel desperately wanted them.  Many countries took in some of the refugees – begrudgingly.  Israel did everything in it’s power to bring them.  They had reps in every country and they worked at every border crossing and shipyard that they were able to get access to.

There are hundreds of thousands of Jews in Israel today whose parents or grandparents came to Israel due to these smuggling operations.

This is the beginning of decades of the State of Israel standing up and defending the Jewish people wherever they may be around the world.




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