What’s with the Egg Shortage in the US and Prices Going Through the Roof?

by Avi Abelow

Did you know that there is an egg shortage in the US, and that egg prices are going through the roof? What is going on?

I have personally seen tons of videos of chicken owners all stating that their chickens haven’t led eggs for months.

They all then started to change the food they gave their chickens instead of the regular chicken feed that they always bought in the stores. Once they made this change, their chickens started laying eggs again.

As Tucker states in his program:

“Some of them, some chicken farmers, have noticed something odd. Their chickens aren’t laying eggs or as many eggs. And these chickens don’t appear sick with avian flu. They’re not dying. They’re still alive. They’re just not producing eggs,” he said.

“Now healthy hens lay eggs on a regular basis, every 24 to 26 hours. But suddenly, chicken owners all over the country—not all of them, but a lot of them—are reporting they’re not getting any eggs or as many. So what’s causing that? Clearly, something is causing that. Some have concluded their chicken feed may be responsible.”

The official explanation given for the egg shortage is that it is linked to a combination of the bird flu, pandemic-related supply chain disruptions and the increased costs of fuel, transportation, feed, and packaging, yet chicken owners who have replaced the store-bought chicken feed are saying differently.

If this is true, why would there be a problem with the mass-produced chicken feed? And why should anyone else care? Watch the video to find out what Tucker Carlson has to say.

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