What “The Squad” has to Say about the Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan

by Phil Schneider

In 1979, Iran went from a Western-oriented friendly dictatorship to a primitive radical theocracy under the command of the Ayatollahs. This happened on the watch of Jimmy Carter in 1979. Nobody thought it was due to policies of a previous administration. Carter had already been a President for 3 years. Nixon and Ford did nothing to project weakness abroad. But Carter’s entire Presidency projected weakness. There should have been no surprise that potential tyrants decided to raise their heads and try a revolution. Where there are no policemen, crime will grow. When there is no world policeman, terrorism runs rampant.

Back in 1979, there were few voices who were willing to praise Jimmy Carter. He ultimately lost in a landslide to Ronald Reagan. Most of the pundits said that Reagan’s tough stance on world affairs was a leading reason, if not the main reason, for Carter’s defeat.

In generation after generation, the United States is filled with a false hope that the world will just go about it’s ways and we can rest on our laurels with the comfort of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans protecting us from dangerous elements. 9/11 changed that. There is an entire generation that knows full well what a Taliban-run country can do to the world. As the Middle East becomes more radicalized, the world becomes more dangerous. There is a crucial debate as to how and when to intervene in world affairs. But the idea of hiding behind the oceans has been proven to be outdated. One way or another, radical Islamic countries who get their hands on long range ballistic missiles poses a strategic threat to every person in the West. Joe Biden’s long-term foreign affairs experience will not serve him well if he can’t remember what he had for breakfast. Barack Obama already showed how wrong-headed his policies were when he let the Arab spring turn into a chance for more radical elements to take over large swaths of the Middle East. Obama is no pulling the strings behind the Oval Office. We are now entering a stage that will probably mimic the weakness of the Carter Presidency. Who will be the next Reagenesque candidate to run in 2024 and bring strength back to the Oval Office? Mike Pompeo? Nikki Haley? Ron DeSantis?

Ramallah Lynch 20 Years Later
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