What the new Canada looks like

by Leah Rosenberg

Well, this is frightening – to say the least. It seems like Toronto, Canada is filled with people who support terrorism. Look at the pro-Iran protests!

Pro-Iran Protests in Canada

We’re not in Kansas anymore…I mean Canada. Take a look at these pro-Iran protests. This is Canada! A democratic, Western country. The protesters chanted “Down with USA!” They waved Hezbollah flags. Why? Because they are upset that the US killed top general, Qasem Soleimani. Anyone who protests the death of a terrorist like Soleimani is clearly against freedom. They are against democracy and Western values. That means that all these protesters are mourning the death of a TERRORIST! What are they doing in Canada?

What’s Even More Frightening…

What is possibly even more frightening is that US politicians as well as the Leftist media criticized Trump for taking out a terrorist. They should be applauding Trump! Don’t Americans want a president who is going to protect them and stand strong against terrorists and terrorism? If they don’t, maybe they should just go to Canada and join the protesters. Or just go to Iran. Let’s see how they feel being controlled by that regime…

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