What is Happening with the Protests in Israel Today?

by Avi Abelow

People are asking me what’s going on in Israel today with the protests all over the country.

Basically, an extremely well funded protest movement, led by a minority privileged elite strata of Israeli society, including ex-Prime Ministers and IDF generals who all have personal anti-Netanyahu anger issues, have encouraged plenty of good Israeli citizens to tear apart Israeli society using lies and emotional manipulation because they lost an election and they can’t deal with their “cheese being moved”.

While the right to protest is sacrosanct and democratic, this protest movement is in reality an undemocratic one that reflects a destruction of Israeli democracy and society by people claiming to be “saving Israeli democracy”.

This protest movement was planned before this government took power and before the very much needed and just judicial reform was even announced by the Justice Minister.

18 years ago, I was involved in a totally democratic protest movement to prevent the Israeli government from destroying 25 Jewish communities in the Gaza Strip and the Northern Shomron, and expelling 10,000 Jews from their homes.

It was a political decision made going against a campaign promise, by firing government ministers and ignoring a referendum, ultimately a totally undemocratic process.

And yet, the establishment media made us protestors out to be the enemies of the state, jailed people who were PLANNING road blockings, delegitimized any individual IDF soldier who dared to ask not to take part in expelling fellow Jews, and with the legal establishment and police having the green-light to literally beat up protestors (just search google for the chief of police named Niso who gave orders at Kfar Maimon to policemen to beat up the peaceful protestors. Yes, it was recorded on video and he was never punished!)

That was a democratic and peaceful protest movement that did not try to destroy Israeli society, yet the establishment media & legal system treated us like criminals. Vs an undemocratic protest movement today that the establishment media and legal system treats as a privileged elite allowed to do whatever they want with no consequences.

Do you know understand the tremendous double-standard we are experiencing?

Despite it all, as I keep on saying, while this is a scary and painful process, as the lies of the protest movement, pumped out by these ex-leaders together with the marketing agencies and the establishment media, are exposed, we will come out of this time period stronger and more united than before.

Keep smiling! This is a sheafing process.

Am Yisrael Chai!!!

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