What has BDS done for the “Palestinians?”

by Micha Gefen

Bassam Eid, Palestinian rights activist and former member of the PA asks a simple question: “What has BDS done for the ‘Palestinians?'”

Like many “Palestinian” Arabs Bassam Eid has for a while questioned the logic behind boycotting Israel. After all, most of the economy in the “Palestinian” areas is rooted in commerce between Israelis and “Palestinians.” If there is a boycott of those “settlements” then “Palestinians” will inevitably suffer.

The BDS movement, while posing as a social justice movement acts not in the interest of local people in the Land of Israel, but rather has a sole aim of destroying the Jewish State through economic strangulation.

By comparing Israel to South Africa the BDS movement not only spreads falsehoods, but ultimately harms the very people they claim to be wanting to help.

“Palestinians” A Tool for Israel Haters

The truth the “conflict” with the “Palestinians” has always ever been about one thing and that is destroying Israel, not about helping the “Palestinians.”

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