What drives the left to incite civil war?

by Caroline Glick

(JNS) Dr. David Wurmser, Caroline Glick’s colleague at the Washington-based Center for Security Policy, joins her on this week’s episode of the “Caroline Glick Show.”

Glick opens by discussing the chasm between how nations throughout the world perceive Israel and how Israel perceives itself.

In the immediate aftermath of the massive earthquakes in Turkey and Syria Monday, Turkish President Erdoğan immediately asked for Israel to send rescue teams to help save people buried under the rubble and to care for survivors. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intimated that a similar request had been communicated through Russia in relation to Syria.

Last week, Chad’s president traveled to Israel to open an embassy, and Sudan took a giant leap towards fully normalizing its relations with Israel.

Glick explains why they seek to get closer to Israel and what Israel has that superpowers such as China and Russia, and Iran, lack.

At the same time, the left in Israel is calling for a civil war and prominent political leaders and former military brass, justices and senior attorneys are calling for or indirectly encouraging domestic insurrection and acts of violence.

Glick details the incendiary actions and rhetoric and explains why most aren’t specifically related to the actual package of judicial reforms now being debated in the Knesset’s Constitution and Law Committee. Rather they are an expression of the leftist elites’ contempt and hatred for the majority of Israelis who aren’t them.

Wurmser was visiting Israel last week and he gave her his impressions, as an outsider, of events in Israel and what has to happen going forward to restore democratic norms of governance and preserve the peace of Israeli society.

Wurmser and Glick expanded their discussion to the larger Western world. Whether in the U.S. or in Europe, countries throughout the world are experiencing similar cleavages and polarization, they noted.

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