Weird Blood Clots Are Forming Throughout Thousands – Is The Vaccine Responsible?

by Micha Gefen

“Dies Suddenly” a new documentary shows how coroners across the US are reporting strange clots in many of their cadavers that they worked on.

The claim in the documentary is that there is a direct correlation between the uptick in the vaccine and the weird clots that appear to be killing countless people. As has been reported there have been sudden heart attacks and strokes in many people that are young or have no history of health issues.

The other possibility that is causing these health issues may be COVID-19 itself. Whether or not the variations that came later were manmade, the original outbreak appears certainly to be the result of gain of function research gone really bad. Could the weird clotting and the massive health issues suffered throughout the world be a direct result of COVID-19?

Either way, the data and the evidence from the coroners is very strange and confirms something really big and bad is happening.

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