Watch This Video About Jerusalem Before the So-Called “Palestinians” Have it Removed

by Leah Rosenberg

You can’t argue with history. You can’t argue with facts. Jerusalem is not a “Palestinian” city. The “Palestinians” are a made-up people!

Jerusalem Belongs to the Jews

You don’t have to know everything about history to know that Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, belongs to the Jewish people. It’s not some unknown obscure fact. Most people in the world have probably heard of King David. King David declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel thousands of years ago. King David was alive long before Islam was ever created! It is insane that anyone would argue with the facts.

And even before King David, G-d sent Abraham on a journey to Yerushalayim to sacrifice his son as part of a test. This city has been an important place to the Jewish people for centuries and centuries and centuries. Thousands of years. We are not talking about a few years of history.

The fact that many Muslims and many people throughout the world try to erase the Jewish connection to Jerusalem is completely ludicrous. How dare they fight the Bible? How dare they fight G-d’s word? How dare they fight history and the facts?

Share the history with the world. Teach the facts. This is not a debate where people can have different opinions and both be right. When something is a hard fact, you cannot argue. The truth is the truth. Sometimes, there can be more than one truth. But sometimes, there is only one right answer. Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people. It is time the entire world stopped fighting against the truth.

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