Watch This Powerful Life Turnaround Story – From Drug Addiction to Orthodox Judaism

by Phil Schneider

In the years of adolescence, so many young people find themselves drawn into the wrong crowd. This can lead them down slippery slopes into all kinds of problems. Berel Solomon was one of these children. But his life has now transformed into a completely different lifestyle. His ability to tell his own story is absolutely riveting and should serve as an inspiration to anyone who thinks that they are stuck in a rut. There is always a way out. But one must never give up hope!

Addiction is such a powerful force in people’s lives. Nearly everyone has some level of addiction of one type or another. But some people have healthy addictions and some people have more unhealthy addictions. The problem with unhealthy addictions is plain to see. It can lead people to destroy so much of what they hold dear in this world – from family, to their career, or personal health.

What is less clear is that even so-called “healthy” addictions can also be quite destructive also. When a person becomes addicted to exercise or to some other form of seemingly healthy habit, then the action can sometimes become so powerful that it overtakes other priorities that they know are more important also. For example, if a person decides to exercise every day in the morning and evening to improve their health, this would be considered a healthy decision by most people. However, if they turn a healthy habit into a “healthy” addiction and begin to turn exercise into their primary focus that their day revolves around, they may end up pushing aside other values such as family, career, etc…

The idea is to never let a healthy habit get out of control. Every habit needs to have it’s limits. This documentary should serve as a wake-up call for all to never allow their lives to churn out of control. But if it does, there is always a way out.

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