Watch: The UN Got Busted by None Other Than an Israeli Arab

by Leah Rosenberg

Theres nothing like watching how the UN got busted once again, and this time, an Israeli Arab is the one to reprimand them.

The UN Got Busted by Yoseph Haddad

This is epic. Not only is the UN wrong, but you gotta love when an Israeli Arab says how wrong they are. They parroted Hamas’ false death toll numbers in this Gaza war. The UN didn’t care to do research or confirm if those numbers were at all accurate. Instead, they went along with the death numbers given by a terrorist organization – yes, a terrorist organization. The UN is one big joke, and they got busted for it once again. No moral person can take the United Nations seriously.

A lot of people, institutions, and media networks are guilty of siding with Hamas and repeating ridiculous numbers that the terrorist organization put out for the public. Why would anyone believe them to begin with? It is absolutely insane. What has the world come to?

Any innocent civilian death is tragic in war, but the number of innocent civilians killed in Gaza is extremely low. And sadly, as has been proven, many “civilians” in Gaza are not innocent at all. They support Hamas and participated in the October 7 massacre against the Jewish people. Many “children” are not innocent children but actual terrorists who are guilty.

So enough of the false death toll numbers. Enough of siding with Hamas. As an Israeli Arab, Yoseph Haddad is proudly sharing the truth. And it’s time that the world listened up.

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