Watch the Facial Expression by Israel’s Spokesman After This Ridiculous Sky News Accusation

by Phil Schneider

Israel has agreed to release 150 of the most savage Arab terrorists – men and women terrorists – in return for 50 innocent young and old Israeli children and women. This bothers the anchorwoman enough to ask whether or not this is fair. Does it not indicate that 1 Jew is worth the same as 3 Arab lives?

OK. This definitely gets the prize as one of the most asinine questions to be asked about the present War between the savage Arab terrorist movement in Gaza called Hamas and the innocent freedom-loving Israel. But for newspeople schooled in finding any method to bash Israel, there is no red line that they are unwilling to cross.

It is the same people who ask Israel whether or not they are bombing proportionally who don’t ask the obvious question of whether or not Hamas should be proportionally freeing 150 Israeli hostages in return for the 150 Arab terrorists. The question is so obscene as the only question that is truly relevant is the question of whether or not the hostage exchange will weaken Israel’s resolve to destroy Hamas once and for all.

For anyone who doesn’t get it yet, this is a war between good and evil. Israel is good, Hamas is evil. Yes. It’s the same thing as the Allies against the Axis in World War II. That was also a battle against evil. True, the Soviet Union was on the side of good in that War – from June 1941 onwards – but they fought to destroy the German War machine, and that’s what mattered. Destroying Germany’s ability to attack was good. Destroying Hamas’ ability to attack is good. No need to confuse this clear moral issue.

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