Watch the beauty of nature as Israel returns sea turtle to the sea

by Chaya Cikk

Nature is a beautiful thing. The world was created with many amazing and wonderful breathtaking sites. Sea Turtles are amazing and interesting creatures. Watch as Israel helps a Sea Turtle return home.

Israel and Nature

Nature can refer to something ‘phenomenal’ from the physical world, such as canyons, mountains, waterfalls, plants or animals, etc. Israel has many beautiful sites of nature. These sites include the coral reefs in Eilat, the Ramon Crater.

Israel has many mountain ranges and the views from these mountains are breathtaking. Israel has many nature parks stretching from the very far north to the very far south.

Sea Turtles

There are seven types of different species:

  1. The green sea turtle
  2. The Loggerhead
  3. Kemp’s Ridley
  4. Olive Ridley
  5. Hawks bill
  6. Flat back
  7. Leather Back

Sea turtles can be found in any ocean, except the polar regions. During the first 3-5 years of its life, the sea turtle spends most of its time in the open ocean, floating on seaweed mats. Once the sea turtle reaches adult hood it moves closer to the shore.

Sea turtles have large shells, which helps protect them from predators, such as sharks. Their large body sizes also helps them move across large distances, as sea turtles can migrate over large distances over the ocean.

A female sea turtle lays eggs on land, she digs a small hole and puts between 50-350 eggs!! The mother then recovers the hole to protect the eggs and returns to the sea. However, not many of these eggs do not make it to the ocean. The holes where the eggs are laid are raided by animals, such as foxes. Once in the water, they are susceptible to sea birds and large fish and even other turtles.

The International Union of Conservative of Nature classifies the sea turtle as either endangered or critically endangered. There are some species where we are lacking date and do not know much about them.

Israel Is A Helping Hand

Israel, having suffered a lot over the years since becoming a State has sent help to many countries. Now it helps the animals. Israel has sent humanitarian aid to countries after they have suffered from tsunamis, earthquakes, and terror attacks. Israel knows how to deal with certain events and can help.

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