Watch: Rising Leader’s Speech at Massive Judicial Reform Rally That the Israeli Left Wants Censored 

by Phil Schneider

Protest movements are sometimes ahead of their times. They sometimes point in the direction that the world needs to go, and then the world gradually follows in their direction, even if it takes decades.

But sometimes protest movements are protesting progress and actually trying to move the world backwards in time. That is the case in Israel today. The massively well-funded protests are super organized and coordinated with mass media in Israel in order to literally drive the masses into hysteria, no matter what the ramifications. On this level, they are clearly succeeding.

The protest organizers are succeeding in giving off the impression of a country that is split down the middle on the question of Israel’s future. Should Israel be a western democratic State or a primitive religious country that tramples on the supremacy of law? That is what they want you to think this is all truly about.

What is it really about? Power, jealousy and yes, it is also about the rule of democracy vs. the rule of the mob.

Matan Peleg, the head of Im Tirtzu, a grass-roots movement that is proud of it’s Jewish heritage and strongly encourages a proud and courageous direction for the State of Israel has been at the forefront in the push back against the protesters.

The protesters are well-funded, in the tens of millions of dollars, with one clear goal in mind – to bring down Netanyahu and the right-wing – whatever the cost. The left wing of Israel dominated Israeli politics from 1948 till 1977, and has never truly accepted that in 1977, everything changed. The silent majority of Sephardic Jews, Jews from Arab Lands, shifted to the right in a tectonic shift that has stood until today. From 1977 till 1996, the left-wing did rise to power twice. But both times, it was a with a razor thin majority or via a tie in the general elections.

Afterwards, the only truly left-wing Prime Minister that was elected in an election that was clearly won by the left was Ehud Barak. He rose to power in 1999, defeating Benjamin Netanyahu. Within months, it was clear that this super-decorated soldier, who had been Benjamin Netanyahu’s commander in Israel’s most elite Special Forces Unit, would be a super dove in dealing with terror.

Ehud Barak presided over a terrifying and embarrassing few years of constant terror across the State of Israel by Arab terrorists. He was unable to restore any sense of calm or order – for years. Thousands of Israelis were killed with weapons that the previous left-wing government under Yitzhak Rabin had supplied them. All of this was done with the clear support of the completely politicized judiciary that cleared the way of any legal obstacles to arming Israel’s enemies. Was the Judiciary actually responsible? Yes. They were and still are an active political player till today. The last thing they are is a neutral party, and the method of electing them was anything but democratic.

Barak was democratically kicked out of office in the next election in a massive shift to the right. Israel was fed up with the weakness of left-wing leaders, and would never elect a left-wing Prime Minister till today. It has been 20 years. The left wing of Israel knows this. They can’t win democratically anymore because 65-70% of Israel’s Jewish population is right-wing. Netanyahu’s reputation as a strong leader has allowed him to be reelected time and again into the seat of the Prime Minister.

Ehud Barak has been jealous of Benjamin Netanyahu for decades. That is absolutely reasonable following a trouncing loss in an election. But the entire left wing of Israel is genuinely fearful of a State of Israel that is run by religious Jews and right-wing Jews that the left sees as backward and non-progressive. But the fact of the matter is that more than 65% of Israeli Jews are opposed to progressive values, do not believe that Israel has a partner to make peace with inside the State of Israel, and support a more traditional or religious lifestyle.

The battle is indeed about power and is driven by jealousy. But at it’s core, it is a culture war. The protesters don’t care as much about democracy as they care about losing power. They support a secular, non-Jewish country, and are willing to be violent and fight their own brethren in order to not lose control. The reigning right-wing is largely traditional or religious, respects the rights of others, and will never cut off their connection with their brethren.

Only one side truly cares about the unity of the Jewish people. That side will win, but only when they overtake the left-wing’s massive PR battle.

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