Watch Out: This Biden Nominee Might be Coming After You Next

by Phil Schneider

Censorship is in style these days. Gigi Sohn is a clear proponent of censorship – specifically of those on the right. Will she be accepted into the powerful position of FCC director? Perhaps? It is indeed one of those super powerful positions that decides how to moderate, censor, or encourage free communication.

The entire nature of free speech has evolved over the last century from an issue that was dear to the hearts of Democrats to an issue that is more dear to Republicans. Of course, Republicans also valued free speech in the early decades of the 20th century as do Democrats today. But the champions of free speech used to be the liberal side of Congress. Today, it is the conservative side of Congress.

What has happened? In a nutshell, the Democrat Party has shifted from being a Party based on liberalism to a Party that is trending strongly towards socialism. This is seen clearly on the topic of free speech.

Liberals have historically stood up for free speech – sometimes to an extreme. They have a point. If we allow the radicals and dangerous people to speak out publicly, they end up exposing themselves and can be denounced as dangerous demagogues. There is more to gain than to lose by shutting down their right to speak freely.

On the other hand, clear calls for violence that are allowed under the rubric of free speech are indeed very dangerous. So, it is difficult to argue that ALL forms of speech should be allowed – no matter the consequence. The debate always has and always will be on where to draw the line.

But in today’s political climate, the Democrat Party is more intent to shut down free speech than it is inclined to engage in debate. That is the socialist spirit – and it is dangerous. Yes, it is more dangerous than allowing free speech to the extreme.

The Republican Party and the liberals within the Democrat Party are indeed the majority, and they should speak out against this trend of extreme censorship. Oddly enough, the new trend of censorship began on college campuses, where conservatives were not protested against, but shouted down from the podium. Ben Shapiro was deemed “too extreme” to allow him to even speak.

It’s time for the Democrat Party to return to it’s senses and encourage free speech. Does anybody read the Constitution anymore these days?

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