Watch a Muslim Terrorist Throw Boulders at IDF Jeep – The IDF Took Care of Him

by Leah Rosenberg

Throwing boulders at an IDF jeep can be deadly. But these Muslim terrorists obviously don’t care – that is why they do it.

Muslim Terrorist Attacks IDF Jeep

Can you imagine if this was a common occurrence in America? Well, things like this happen all too often in Israel. Israel literally fights against terrorism on a daily basis, face-to-face. Much of the world has no idea what goes on in Israel. They make all these assumptions about the Jewish people, the Jewish state, and the Israeli army without having the facts. You can see in the video how the Muslim terrorist is attacking the IDF jeep with boulders.

Some time after this incident, the IDF had gone into the “Palestinian” village of Tubas to make an arrest – seemingly not for this terrorist who threw the boulders. But after clashes broke out and this terrorist fired at the IDF, he was killed. Although the news might say he was just a “Palestinian,” it is crucial to include the detail that he was a TERRORIST. There is a big, big difference between an innocent “Palestinian” being caught in a firefight and a terrorist who sets out to murder innocent Jewish people. Leaving out the not-so-small detail that an Arab was a terrorist changes the entire story.

Dr. Risch

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