WATCH: Arabs and Leftists Chant Death To Jews In Jerusalem

by Micha Gefen

Violence continues in Jerusalem’s Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood. On this past Friday evening a large group of Arabs and Jewish leftists gathered to protest violently.

The group of violent arabs and Jewish leftists can be heard chanting: “Khaybar Khaybar Ya Yehud.” This relates to the massacre of Jews in Khaybar in 628 CE. While its not hard to imagine the arabs chanting something like that, its surprising to hear Jews – even leftist Jews sinking so low as to call for death of their fellow Jews.

The Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood (today’s Sheik Jarrah neighborhood) was first settled by Jews in the 1850s. Despite having a majority of Jews, these Jews were eventually expelled in the beginning of Israel’s 1948 war for independence by local Arabs and Jordanians with tacit approval by British troops.

After the war, Arabs came and squatted in the properties. Now Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that the Squatters must leave or owe the landlords money.

The violent protests by the Arabs and Jewish leftists are in protest over the removal of illegal squatters and land thieves. Despite the fact that the Arab squatters have lost every court case, the protests and riots continue.

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