Walking Around the Old City of Walls of Jerusalem as Israel is Under Attack

by Avi Abelow

As our Arab Muslim enemies shoot rockets at us, we are walking around the old city walls of Jerusalem to commemorate the destruction of the Temples thousands of years ago.

Special Visitor who joined to walk around Jerusalem’s Old City walls.

The author with his family and Ben Shapiro

As the Jewish people in Israel are remembering the destruction of both Temples, thousands of years ago, this is what our enemies are doing today.

Our enemies think they can beat us, destroy us or scare us away?As Napoleon Bonaparte correctly said hundreds of years ago, when he found out French Jews were crying and mourning over the destruction of our Holy Temples thousands of years earlier, ‘any people that continues to mourn the destruction of their holy site and Holyland for thousands of years will merit to return’.

Dr. Risch

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