Israel Begins Waking Up From Its COVID-19 Coma

by Micha Gefen

As the parts of Europe and even areas of North America decide to come back on line, the Israeli government decided to open up its economy by lifting off many of the restrictive conditions it placed over the pat 2 months.

While schools have not returned to normal functioning, many businesses have begun to open with very serious rules in place. Some of these rules prevent businesses from allowing shoppers to enter. Others will only make deliveries.

With all of these developments, the government has yet to be sworn in and could face serious hurdles by the judiciary who may rule that Netanyahu cannot for the government.

Israel may have been ranked number one in their COVID-19 response, but it the effect of this success on the economy has been disastrous. With a soaring 25% unemployment, many citizens are asking if the strict closures were worth it.

Then again, when one looks at the USA, the result of loose restrictions or restrictions that were implemented to late left 10s of thousands dead.

Prime Minister Netanyahu will be remembered once again for steering Israel through a global crisis, much the same as he did after the global recession at the end of 2008 and early 2009.

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