Video Exposes the CDC Purposely Hiding Data on COVID

by Phil Schneider

Roman from the Epoch Times does a great job breaking down the data that shows that there has been a concerted effort for the last few years to stick to one narrative about everything relating to vaccine effectiveness. Much data was omitted that would have completely shifted the attitudes of so many people in making informed public health decisions.

There is no question that the coronavirus has been and continues to pose a mortal threat to a large number of at-risk groups. But what is very unclear is at what age do far fewer people enter into the at-risk category, and at what age are very few people truly at-risk.

The CDC should be the most impartial data collector that gets distributed to the greatest number of physicians. Instead, public trust in major health institutions like the CDC continue to go way below 50%. If there is any institution that should have more than 90% trustworthiness, it is an organization like the CDC.

The granularity of data that the CDC has only begun to reveal – way too late, has probably led to millions of people making uninformed decisions. If there is anything that ought to change in the coming years in the realm of medicine, it is the transparency of information. If the CDC is more of the problem than the solution, then people will look elsewhere to find the information they need to make informed decisions that fit their own personal medical situation.

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