Van Saying “Hitler was Right” Drives Around Boca Raton, FL to Harass Pro-Israel Supporters

by Leah Rosenberg

Nowhere is immune to antisemitism. If this is what pro-Israel supporters in a place like Boca are dealing with, imagine other places.

Pro-Israel Supporters Harassed in Boca

This isn’t Gaza. This isn’t Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, or any other country with little or no Jews. This is Boca Raton, Florida; a place with many, many Jews. This is America! The antisemitism that is displayed here is sickening. How can anyone be so cruel as to drive around in a van that has displayed on it “Hitler was right?” How can people be so evil?

The Holocaust was not thousands of years ago. It happened relatively recently in the span of the larger history of the world. And yet, people haven’t learned. The hatred still exists. People still idolize Hitler – even in America.

Is America antisemitic as a whole? Definitely not. Far from it, actually. But the antisemitism that has taken place recently in America and throughout the world is startling. What century are we living in? How is this still happening? How much more antisemitism can the world handle? The Jews have only given to the world. They just contribute and contribute. It’s time the world starts treating the Jewish nation with respect.


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