USA Stands Up For Israel In The UN…Again

by Phil Schneider

Has the UN ever been a place that stands up for the State of Israel? Well, the UN has not. But Israel has never had a better friend than the United States in the UN. But, the last few years, the United States has been more than a staunch ally – it has been at the forefront – along with the State of Israel – at confronting the Iranian threat to the free world.

There are many who will make the mistake and think that Iran no longer poses an existential threat to the State of Israel, nor a threat to the Western world. After all, the sanctions have been on-going for the last few years under the Trump administration, and the Iranian regime is clearly suffering. So, is there really a concern now that they would attack. Wouldn’t that be suicidal?

The answer is yes – it would be suicidal for the Iranian regime to attack Israel and the United States at this point in time. But regimes such as the Iranian regime are more than willing to commit suicide if that means they can also wreak havoc against their enemies. This is exactly what the Battle of the Bulge was all about in the closing months of World War II. It was perfectly clear that the Allies were closing in on the German war machine. The Germans had no real chance to defeat the American, British, and Australian forces in the West and the Soviet threat from the East. They were out-manned on both sides and their weaponry was powerful, but they could not replace their weaponry as fast as the United States could.

However, the Germans surprised the Allies with a major thrust in the West. This led to the most costly battle of the War for the American forces. Plain and simple, this was a suicidal attack with little chance of success. It may very well have sped up the demise of the German forces in the West. But, the Germans had their back against the wall, and chose a 5% chance of victory rather than a certain defeat. The cost in American lives and wounded was enormous. Let’s learn from that mistake and never underestimate the attack capabilities of dictatorial regimes that are teetering on the verge of collapse.

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