US Congressmen Summarize an Amazing and Eye-Opening Trip to Israel

by Avi Abelow

US Congressmen Andy Harris (MD) and Andy Barr (KY) end their week-long trip to Israel with the Yes! Israel Project with an interview on the Judean Round Table. The Congressmen experienced Israel unlike many other US or global legislators. Their trip not only included meetings with Israeli politicians, policy makersand influencers but also trips throughout Judea and Samaria speaking with Jews and Muslims to learn the truth about the situation on the ground. As one Congressman expresses in the program, learning the reality on the ground helps one understand why all the great peace deals on paper really have no connection to the reality. Don’t miss hearing about their fabulous and special trip to Israel.

The Judean Roundtable welcomes special guests from the US. Congressmen Andy Harris of Maryland and Andy Barr of Kentucky.

Discussion includes Jewish Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, the threat from Iran, and the great friendship the people of Israel and the people of the US have.

With Avi Abelow, Ruth Jaffe Lieberman, Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland and Rep. Andy Barr of Kentucky.

A tribute to our dear friend Ari Fuld, we come together to share the truth about Israel.

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