US Ambassador David Friedman Attends Historic Opening of First Medical School in Samaria

by Avi Abelow

“It’s a happy day for us, we have long dreamed about this day,” Miriam Adelson said. “This institution, in the heart of Samaria, brings together so much of what is so dear to our hearts: medicine, Zionism, science, Torah, Jewish pride and Jewish and non-Jewish doctors, as well as our love for our country and our love for mankind.”

Miriam and Sheldon Adelson were present for the opening day of the new Medical School named in their honor the Adelson Medical School of Ariel University in the Samaria city of Ariel.

Miriam continued to inspire the 70 new students beginning school that day, together with the invited guests: “We are living in the time of the redemption, and as our Rabbis have taught us ‘the Jewish people acquire the land of Israel through suffering’. And in Israel, as in Israel, we also had to go through suffering to establish this Medical school.”

“We had bureaucratic issues to overcome to get permission to establish the school here in Ariel. And in Israel, as in Israel, we had to overcome the people who tried to stop the establishment of this critical and much needed Medical school on this ancestral Jewish land to try to remove from us our legitimacy in being on this land.”

“But we won, Zionism won and the truth won. And the truth is that there is no better place than Ariel for a new Medical School. It was here where our ancestors prayed at the Tabernacle in Shilo and established an amazing religion that the lights the path for the whole world.”

“From here on in, young students of all backgrounds, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Israelis, Palestinian Arabs and foreigners will learn the holy work of medicine to help all of humanity. And by doing so they will show the world that the modern country of Israel continues to be a light unto the nations.”

During the ceremony, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said the Shecheyanu blessing and said, “A new medical school opens in Samaria. It’s worth saying again – a new medical school was opened in Samaria. How many people have ever thought these words would ever be uttered?”

Ambassador Friedman further stated that “the United States Embassy enjoys a warm relationship with the University of Ariel. We are inspired by its contribution to Israeli society and the scientific world.”

Vice President of Ariel University, Yakov Gaon, “the opening of the Adelson Medical school is a game-changing, historiccal event, providing a critical solution to the shortage of doctors in Israel. The opening of this new medical school here today, with people who are like family, will be a blessing for the University, for the whole region and for the country.”

Dr. Risch

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