Unique Video Calls on the World to Pick a Side After October 7 (Graphic Footage) 

by Phil Schneider

There are times in history when a person needs to make a decision. Either one stands on the sidelines and allows history to pass them by or choose to take part and be an active player. But the choice to stand apart from the raging winds outside does not mean that the winds will not smack the person in the face. Today, things look like the threats of antisemitism are growing by leaps and bounds, but can still be largely avoided by most Jews in the United States and Canada. However, in a matter of years, this may no longer be the case.

One of the greatest challenges in combatting antisemitic outbursts and trends is that they often creep up very suddenly. The antisemitic outbursts that began the day Israel was attacked from Gaza seemingly came out of nowhere. But in truth, the effects of the events on that fateful day took off the cork on a constantly brewing issue that was waiting to boil over. 

The Jewish people have always been scapegoated by different groups for conflicting things. The Jews have been targeted for being communists, capitalists, socialists, fascists, running hollywood, running the banks, etc… On the one hand, all of the accusations have some truth. There were masses of Jews that were part of the Communist Party in America well into the 60’s. A great number of Jewish people have succeeded in the West beyond anybody’s dreams in purely capitalist fashion. Fascism has probably not been a very strong trait among the Jewish people, but certainly there have been a few. The accusation that Jews run Hollywood is certainly not without any basis. They certainly helped start Hollywood. Many banks are also dominated by Jewish people.

But all of these points miss out on this basic truth. The Judaism aspect has nothing to do with any of the accusations. Jewish hollywood executives care very little about their Judaism. Same with most Jewish bankers, communists, etc… They are predominantly Jews by name only. So the entire anti-Jewish movement has nothing to do with the truth. It has everything to do with hatred of a specific people. There is only one group of Jewish leaders that are truly passionate and deeply connected to their Judaism – Rabbis. Nobody can accuse Rabbis of being the leaders of hollywood, communism, banks, etc… 

So the lies are now being exposed every day. More and more people are realizing that their neighbors actually hate them for being Jewish and for no other reason. The Israel excuse is simply the cork that has been removed to allow the world to know who truly hates and who does not. The time to stand on the sidelines has passed. The reality is too dangerous to ignore it. 

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