UN Blacklists Companies in Anti-Israel Step and the Terrorists Celebrate

by Avi Abelow

What an utter disgrace! This is nothing short of total Jew-hatred & hypocrisy from the United Nations Human Rights Council, receiving praise  from a terror supporting entity, the Palestinian Authority! That says it all!

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Accountability? Respect? Human rights? Those are the words used by this “Foreign Minister” who supports terror.

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas are terrorist organizations! They murder innocent Jews. They educate their children in their schools to murder Jews. They name schools and public squares in memory of the most heinous terrorists. And they pay terrorists based on how many Jews they kill!. They don’t care about respect, accountability or human rights. But they are ecstatic that the United Nations Human Rights Council has published a blacklist of 112 companies that do business with Jews who live in their ancestral, Biblical homeland in Judea & Samaria.

This is absolutely absurd and downright evil. As Professor of International law Eugene Kontorovich explains “many leading multinational companies do massive business in occupied territories around the world, but the UNHRC has thought not to boycott any of them.” 

There are masses of cases of occupied territories around the world yet the UNHRC only calls to blacklist the one Jewish state. That is a double standard. That is hypocrisy. and in singling out the one & only Jewish state in the world, that is blatant Antisemitism.

Here are some fabulous online responses to this disgrace:

David Collier tweeted: 

The Arabs boycotted the Jews 

The Nazis boycotted the Jews 

Now the UN – via the toxic UNHRC wants you to boycott the Jews.

Their core message – nations like Pakistan can kill with impunity but Jews can’t build houses.

Isn’t it time we addressed the antisemitism of the UNHRC? 

No2BDS tweeted:

The UN just proved they hate Jews more than they love Arabs.

Former-US envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt said this morning “this is outrageous. It shows the true colors of the UN. Hurting the chances for peace.” And he then urged people to counter the blacklist “do the opposite. Buy more products from these companies”.

A representative from one of companies on the list made an epic post online. Rachel Risby Raz tweeted “So I’m really quite proud to say that my family’s company is on the list. If the United Nations Human Rights Council does not believe that people have the right to be protected from violent, indoctrinated murderers, and that companies that protect innocent people should be placed on a special database, then we will be proud to be included in such a list.

Finally, I want to end with truly the best response to this UN blacklist of Israel, that the antisemitic anti-Israel prefers to ignore. His name is Mohammad Kabiya:

As an Israeli Arab and a Muslim I would like to say to the #UNHRC today: SHAME ON YOU. Shame for targeting the only democracy in the Middle East while giving a free pass to tyrants who murder my Muslim brothers and sisters. Hypocrites! 


Thank You President Trump & Sec. of State Pompeo!

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