‘Ukrainian Refugees’ Campaign Against Israel is Pure Emotional Manipulation

by Forest Rain


Can you tell when your kindness is being used against you to further a political agenda?

The greatest weapon an enemy can use is turning your own strength against you – all martial arts are built on this principle. Jewish empathy is deeply ingrained in every fiber of our being. On Passover, we are directed to “remember that once we were slaves in Egypt.” Jews have been banished from their homes so many times, over so many centuries that the displacement caused in WW2 is only a more recent horror among many.

We know what it’s like to be refugees, with no home and no place to turn to.

How can we not have sympathy for other refugees?

Jewish empathy has driven Jews to participate in the US Civil Rights movement and in countless charities around the world, striving to make the world better for others. Our hearts, our empathy is our strength – and now it is being used against us.

While many (including Jewish organizations) are putting Zelensky on a pedestal, mooning over how he makes them “proud to be a Jew,” he has repeatedly misappropriated Holocaust memory to elicit sympathy. He has and his government officials have used the “As a Jew…” pre-fix to demand that Israel intervene on their behalf, regardless of the ramifications on Israeli security.

Israel’s job is to intervene for the protection of JEWS not to protect foreign COUNTRIES. Israel must protect Ukrainian JEWS. Israel has no obligation to UKRAINE.

Zelensky has complained that Israel’s Prime Minister has not “wrapped himself in the Ukrainian flag” – this despite 3 airplanes full of humanitarian aid sent from our tiny country to Ukraine. ANY leader of ANY nation who wrapped themselves in any flag but that of the nation they are responsible for would be derelict in their duty! The Prime Minister of Israel must wrap himself in the ISRAELI flag. PERIOD.

To demand anything else is obnoxious.

Now the Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel is SUING Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, in the High Court of Justice for its policy regarding Ukrainian refugees. Ukraine is manipulating the Israeli legal system in an attempt to define Israeli immigration policy.


Israel has declared that ALL Jews and non-Jews eligible for the Right of Return who want to make Aliyah, from Ukraine or Russia are welcome. This is our obligation. Israel has also declared that we will embrace 5,000 refugees. Non-Jewish refugees. The Ukrainian official response was that this limitation is unacceptable.

According to them, we have no right to determine who comes or does not come to our country. According to them, we have no right to prefer Jews over non-Jews.

According to them, Israel, a besieged country of 9 million needs to accept limitless numbers of refugees – regardless of the resources needed for such a project. It doesn’t matter that we do not have enough to take care of our own, we must take care of theirs, before taking care of ours? Does that make sense?

There ARE international obligations regarding accepting refugees. Do you know what they are?

When the fleeing crosses the border into a safe country, that country must give refuge. What borders exactly does Israel have with Ukraine?


1. Are the demands being made logical?

2. Are they being applied equally to other countries?

3. Are governments appealing to morality vs logic? Telling you which “side” is the “right” side?

4. Are demands being formatted in a way that singles out Jews and makes comparisons to the Holocaust?

Israel is a nation under constant attack. Often the threat is of physical violence in war or terrorism. Modern warfare has spread to other arenas – that of the media and the courtroom.

When Amnesty openly announced their belief that Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish state, many activists and government officials returned fire, denouncing this unacceptable stance.

When Ukraine declares that Israel has no right to protect her sovereignty as the Jewish homeland, few seem to have noticed.

Attacks veiled as an appeal to morality are harder to repel. After all, we all want to be moral, don’t we? We want to be on the “right” side, don’t we?

The NATO alliance COULD prevent further disaster from Ukraine by simply closing the airspace so that Russia could not bomb innocent civilians. But they haven’t. And it is Israel accused of immorality… I wonder why that is.

Foreign nations and NGOs pour enormous amounts of effort and money into undermining Israel as the Jewish homeland.

Israel is the core, the source of Judeo-Christian values in the world. We are the embodiment of free-thinking, independent people in a time when many are promoting dependency and victimhood.

There are many motivations for many world powers to desire the destruction of Israel. The methods morph but the goal remains the same.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like being manipulated. I find it repugnant to have my kindness and empathy used against me.

I know which “side” I want my country to be on – MY side. The side that protects ME. MY people.

If anything, history owes the Jews. We don’t owe anyone, anything.

Can you smell what I smell? I smell the stench of Jew-hate.

Dr. Risch

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