UK Imam calls for action to destroy Western democracies

by Avi Abelow

When an Imam in the UK is calling for all Muslims to destroy Western democracies, the world better wake up. We have been warned time and time again.

Wake Up, Western Democracies!

Radical Muslims are quite clear about what they believe the goal of Islam is. If they are not denying it, why do so many Western democracies deny it? These speeches are available for all to listen to. These are the types of ideas being spread to Muslims all throughout the world! They want to rid the world of democracy. They want to take over.

Both in words and actions, Islamists have been consistent in showing that they plan to dominate the world and will obliterate those who support democratic values. How much longer can we ignore the truth for? And why would anyone even WANT to ignore the truth? Our existence is at stake!

When Leaders Spread Radicalism

True – not all Muslim leaders are radical. But the problem is, when it is the Imams and leaders who spread radicalism, their followers listen. They get swayed by leaders. They trust their leaders. It is frightening, but that is the reality.

The Imam in this video is calling on his followers to take action through Jihad. These speeches are dangerous. They are deadly.

Roe vs. Wade

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