U.S. and Israel Launch Major Military Drill – a Strike on Iran Might be Next

by Phil Schneider

Benjamin Netanyahu has spent the majority of his career arguing and convincing as many people as possible that Iran is the #1 threat that Israel AND the rest of the Western world face. It is not only Iran. It is all of radical Islam that threatens to engulf as many countries as possible in it’s ideas.

The sooner the United States wakes up to this reality, the less the price will be for dilly-dallying around the topic. Following World War I, America experienced an economic upswing in the 1920’s that came to a crashing end in 1929. The 30’s saw the greatest years of privation and difficulty since the tumultuous years of the Civil War. It was reasonable for Americans to look inward for solutions to their economic struggles and not be concerned with using resources to solve border disputes in Europe. After all, the Germans and French were always angry at each other about the border. Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, also had their differences. Why should America intervene? Was it worth American lives?

Well, Winston Churchill argued in the late 1930’s, before he became Prime Minister of England, that the free world had no choice. It would have to intervene or else it would be swallowed up. It took him years till he could convince FDR to actually bring America into the fray with boots on the ground and not just provide the Allies with massive economic support.

Had America and the Allies entered in the late 30’s or at least immediately after Germany invaded Russia in the summer of 1941, hundreds of thousands of lives may have been saved, probably millions.

The same is true of Iran today. Whether or not an attack on Iran is the best way to stop Iran is debatable. But Iran must be stopped. Radical Islam is the ideology that drove the attackers on 9/11. It is the ideology behind ISIS. Anyone who buries their head in the sand is in for a rude awakening. Prudence is always critical, but patience with tyranny is generally not productive.

The economic sanctions that crippled Cuba were effective. If the same can be effected with Iran, then an attack may not be necessary. But unless Iran falls apart from within, an attack will probably be in inevitable. America is not only Israel’s best ally in the Middle East. America’s best ally in the Middle East is Israel.

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