Two of Israel’s Most Popular Songs Were Blended into This Brilliant Mashup

by Leah Rosenberg

These two songs have become “the songs” of Israel recently. They are featured in many videos, and when you listen, you’ll see why!

Two Incredible Songs Combined into Perfect Mashup

These songs are both great on their own, and now with this mashup by Benny Friedman and Moshe Tischler, what can be better? “Latzeit Me’dikaon” by Yagel Oshri and “Am Yisrael Chai” by Eyal Golan have become well known in Israel and in Jewish communities throughout the world. Both are uplifting and inspiring.

Music is a special way to connect to G-d, to other people, and to yourself. There is a reason that these two songs have become so popular during this time of war in Israel. There is just something about the words in each song and the tune of each song. They will do something to your soul. Let it enter and uplift you!

The Jewish people have been through many trying and difficult times throughout history. We have often used music to express ourselves about the times we are going through. King David was a musical genius with his harp and book of Psalms. There is clearly something very meaningful about music. Jewish music can have a powerful effect on the entire Jewish people!

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